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Interview with IndianDollArtWorks Shopkeeper, Carla Trujillo

Visit IndianDollArtWorks

Art Doll by Carla Trujillo

Interview with Shopkeeper Carla Trujillo of IndianDollArtWorksHear my interview with one of the most talented mixed media artists that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, Carla Trujillo, of IndianDollArtWorks.  This interview offers a unique insight into the creative ideas, drive and processes of an amazing mixed media artist and crafter who manages to juggle a career and keep shop at the same time.  She has one many “Best in Show” awards for her work, and I’m  sure you’ll understand why when you stop by her shop.  Please join me in this very special interview with Carla Trujillo.

Running Time: 42:45 | iOS users click here

Sloppy Jo’s Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy Jo's Sloppy SecondsWelcome back to Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today my guest is Jo from Etsy Shop Sloppy Jo’s Sloppy Seconds. Jo sells vintage clothing and accessories, and her shop is a rising star on Etsy. Open less than a year she has almost 100 sales and does all of the modeling a photography by herself. Amazing. Follow Jo on Twitter and Like her Facebook page. I had a lot of fun getting to know her and I think you will, too. Cheers!

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Plank & Lace Place

Plank & Lace PlaceWelcome back to the Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today my guest is Amanda from Etsy Shop Plank & Lace Place, and I REALLY LIKE Amanda. I mean, I like everyone I talk to, but Amanda and I had an instant connection and I think that will be apparent when you listen to the episode. If you have feedback for Amanda she can be reached via email at and you can Like her Facebook page. Cheers!

Running Time: 58:49 | iOS users click here to listen


Along Came Mary

Along Came MaryWelcome back to the Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today my guest is Mary Mailler from Etsy Shop Along Came Mary. Mary is a digital print artist who I really enjoyed speaking with. Her experience as an artist and graphic designer is extensive, and I learned so much speaking to her about the resources available online for designers like myself. Mary and I actually have a quite a bit in common and we had a great time recording this episode. Mary cam be found on both Facebook and Twitter. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I did. Cheers!

Running Time: 59:04 | iOS users click here to listen


Sugar Cookie

Sugar CookieWelcome back to Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today my guest is Missy Kulik from Etsy Shop, Sugar Cookie. Missy is a graphic and product designer living in Athens, GA, and her shop was opened just 3 days after Etsy went live in June 2005. Missy sells zines, buttons, note pads, hair pins, and laser cut wood, just to name a few of her creations. Her shop is very busy and she has a wonderful attitude about the atmosphere on Etsy, and on the web in general. I hope you all enjoy getting to know her as much as I did. Cheers!

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Missy’s Links:

Personal Website:
Rancho Cocoa blog:
Missy Kulik blog:

Update on Etsy Conversations Podcast

Slow Down Tinker BellHello All:

Angela here with an update on the podcast. I’ve had a tremendous amount of interest in the last couple of weeks from Etsy Shop Owners I’m excited to have on the show. But I also had something very unexpected come up in my life last week. It’s been resolved for the most part, but it forced me to spend some time thinking about how much I’ve committed myself to. I decided to scale back for the summer, and rather than release an episode every week, I’ll most likely post episodes every 3 to 4 weeks.

My guest next weekend will be Missy from Etsy Shop, SugarCookie. Missy’s been on Etsy since 2005 and has a great shop I look forward to learning more about. In the coming months I’ll also be talking to Sarah from GertieGertrude, Amanda from PlankandLacePlace, and Mary from AlongCameMary.

Many thanks to the Etsy Shop Owners who have been so patient with my slow response time the last few days. And thank you to all who  download and listen to the show!


GravlaxWelcome back to the Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today my guests are Max and Cammi from Etsy Shop Gravlax. They were a lot of fun to talk to and I think you’ll enjoy getting to know them. They have a blog you should check out at and they can also found on FaceBook. Enjoy!

Running Time: 30:59 | iOS users click here to listen


Jack Bear Stamps

Jack Bear StampsWelcome back to the seventh episode of Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today my guest is John from Etsy Shop Jack Bear Stamps. John is a letterboxer, podcaster, and sells hand carved stamps. John can be found on FaceBook, Flickr, and Twitter. His blog is, and he belongs to the Rochester NY Street Team, and the Mad Scientists of Etsy. For more information about Letterboxing check out Atlas Quest and Letterboxing North America. And don’t forget to listen to John’s podcast, Letterpod.

Running Time: 54:22 | iOS users click here to listen


Etsy Convo Live Listening Party

Etsy Conversations PodcastJoin us on Sunday, May 13, 2012 on for a listening party. We’ll be playing the episode featuring Etsy Shop Owner John from Jack Bear Stamps, and we’ll be in chat to answer any questions, or if you just want to hang out with us. We hope to have Deb from Olliff Studio as well as friend of the show Carrie from New Jersey. I hope to see you there. Enjoy!

Running Time: 4:44 | iOS users listen here


M2M Party Designs & Mis Manos

M2M Party Designs & Mis ManosWelcome back to the Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today my guest is Edna, shop owner of M2M Party Designs and Mis Manos. Edna designs custom party invitations, and makes personalized gifts that are crocheted, knitted, and embroidered. Her website is, and she can be found on FaceBook, Pinterest, and her blog is Make sure you check out her blog for a sticker giveaway. The winner will get their choice of stickers from Edna’s shop. Enjoy!

Update: My apologies for not adding the link to Artistic Soaps on Etsy.

Running Time: 32:58 | iOS users click here to listen


ART in the RAW

Art In The RawWelcome back to the fifth episode of Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today my guest is Rachel of Etsy Shop Art In The Raw. Rachel is a photographer and also sells vintage and re-purposed items. I found Rachel’s Etsy Shop when I was searching for images of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. I loved her pictures of the Blue Mosque so much that I bought one of them! She has them printed on some amazing metallic photo paper, and I now have one of them framed and hanging in my living room. Make sure you check out Rachel’s blog, Creation Curation, as well. Enjoy!

Running Time: 31:19 | iOS users click here to listen


Maker Mama

Maker MamaWelcome back to the fourth episode of Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today my guest is Amy Johnson of Etsy Shop Maker Mama from San Antonio, TX. Amy is a busy mom and has been active in the online crafting community for several years. She has a crafting blog called and can also be found on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. She’s recently expanded her crafting to include tutorials and videos that I urge you check out. I found her to be very inspirational and I think you’ll enjoy getting to know her. Enjoy!

Running Time: 37:29 | iOS users click here to listen


Marl and Mischief & Jaw Designs1

Marl and Mischief & Jaw Designs1Welcome back to the third episode of Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today my guest is Jessi from Etsy Shops Marl and Mischief & Jaw Designs1. For more information about the give-away Jessi referred to when we talked, please visit The Funky-Monkey’s website. Many thanks to Jessi for sharing her time with us. I had a great time getting know her and I think Etsy Shop Owners will enjoy getting to know her as well.

Running Time: 45:35 | iOS users click here to listen


Angela Holden Design

Angela Holden DesignWelcome back to the second episode of Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today is Easter Sunday and today I’m going to introduce myself a bit more to you. I also have information about the technology needed to be a guest on the show, and I want to tell you about who I have lined up in the next couple of weeks. If you’re interested in being interviewed send me a convo through Etsy or you can contact me here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 27:14 | iOS users click here to listen


Olliff Studio

Deb Olliff from Olliff StudiosWelcome to the first episode of Etsy Conversations Podcast! I’m your host, Angela Holden, and this is a podcast where I interview Etsy Shop Owners about their Etsy Stores. My first guest is Deb Olliff of Olliff Studio.

Deb is a watercolor artist and sells fine art digital giclée (pronounced zee-clay) prints of her work. Visit Deb’s shop at Deb is also on Twitter @deb_olliff, her website is, and her blog is Enjoy!

Running Time: 1:01:50 | iOS users click here to listen