Along Came Mary

Along Came MaryWelcome back to the Etsy Conversations Podcast. Today my guest is Mary Mailler from Etsy Shop Along Came Mary. Mary is a digital print artist who I really enjoyed speaking with. Her experience as an artist and graphic designer is extensive, and I learned so much speaking to her about the resources available online for designers like myself. Mary and I actually have a quite a bit in common and we had a great time recording this episode. Mary cam be found on both Facebook and Twitter. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I did. Cheers!

Running Time: 59:04 | iOS users click here to listen

This entry was posted by Angela Holden.

3 thoughts on “Along Came Mary

  1. Great podcast! Lots of good (and new) information there. I added that Etsy App to my FB fan page already and am eager to explore!

  2. What an interesting and informative podcast!! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the whole hour and found Mary fascinating! What an intelligent gal! I just LOVE her artwork and find it very unique – something that would appeal to many and hope this podcast helps get her work out there even more. Believe me, it is worth the time to check out her Etsy site for yourself! Thank you! (As for those who might consider her work “not real art”……HA! They are SO wrong!)

  3. I heard your podcast this morning While I was walking with Aixa Lousious Leathers
    That was a very great interview, Very inspirational.

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