Interview with IndianDollArtWorks Shopkeeper, Carla Trujillo

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Art Doll by Carla Trujillo

Interview with Shopkeeper Carla Trujillo of IndianDollArtWorksHear my interview with one of the most talented mixed media artists that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, Carla Trujillo, of IndianDollArtWorks.  This interview offers a unique insight into the creative ideas, drive and processes of an amazing mixed media artist and crafter who manages to juggle a career and keep shop at the same time.  She has one many “Best in Show” awards for her work, and I’m  sure you’ll understand why when you stop by her shop.  Please join me in this very special interview with Carla Trujillo.

Running Time: 42:45 | iOS users click here

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