DSC_0036Welcome to Etsy Conversations Podcast. My name is Ijeoma and even though there’s nothing on sale in it anymore, my Etsy Shop is All Patterns Galore. I used to sell vintage sewing patterns on Etsy but I can barely tack socks and hem a dress 🙂 By training, I’m a clinical pharmacist based in San Francisco, CA.

This podcast was started by Angela Holden then passed through the capable hands of Mary Mailler. Now I am honored to have the torch passed on to me because I absolutely loved listening the interviews with the shop owners and was bummed when there were no new shows being produced. I plan to use it to connect with fellow Etsy Shop owners with each other by hearing each others’ stories. I love hearing the stories of Etsy shop owners and we can learn more about how others arrived on Etsy,  got to where they are and how they manage their time and work flow.

It’s important to note that this podcast is unofficial and in no way affiliated with Etsy.com. I have an Esty Shop, but my relationship with Etsy does not extend beyond that.

If you’re an Etsy Shop owner and would like to be interviewed on my podcast, contact me and let me know. I record podcasts with Skype. For a list of the questions I ask, click here.

Thanks for listening to my show and I hope you enjoy getting to know these Etsy Shop owners as much as I have!