How We Do This

Skype.comSkype is the method I prefer for recording with guests. It’s safe and free, and you can download it for Mac or PC. When you go to Skype for the first time, it will probably look like there’s a cost to download it. That’s because Skype is trying to monetize their service, and you can purchase a phone number, voice mail, or a subscription to call phone numbers in addition to computers. Rest assured this is a free download and computer to computer calling free.

Skype works best with a high speed internet connection and a headset microphone like this one on Amazon. You can buy headset mics just about anywhere at places like Target or Wal-Mart. If you don’t have a headset and don’t plan to purchase one, ask around and see if there’s anyone you know that will loan you theirs.

In lieu of a headset, many newer computers (4 or 5 years old) have microphones built in. If your computer has a mic already, all you need is headphones or earbuds, like the kind from your iPod or MP3 player. I have several podcasting gadgets on my end to do the recording and make sure everything sounds good.

If Skype just isn’t going to work, I can call you on the phone using my Google Voice account. This works best if I can call you on a land line, but if you have a reliable cell phone connection, that works, too.

If you really want to be a guest, but feel like some of these technical details are holding you back, please contact me or send me a convo. I’m fairly tech savvy and will find a way to make it work. The success of this podcast relies on the generosity of Etsy Shop Owners who are willing to share their time with me and my audience. I care deeply about this show and my own Etsy Shop, and I have nothing but the best intentions for both of us.